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Meet Ms. Tierra

Tierra Karou

Dance Alive Teacher

“Dance Alive” Movement Class is where your child gets to know themselves, move their bodies, develop confidence, strength,  resiliency, and teamplay skills! (The foundation for success in life!) 

Children are encouraged to express their unique movement, as well as expanded to move in all different shapes, directions, and tempos. The variety of movement creates new neural pathways for pure creativity and brilliance to unfold.


Tierra is a certified Dance Alive Movement Teacher and Coach. She has been studying and teaching movement for the last 15 years, and has been working with kids for over 20! She has worked in afterschool programs in LA, in Laguna Beach at Annelise schools, and has taught specialty private movement classes for both children and adults. She loves to share the gift of movement with others and looks forward to moving with all the beautiful families of Head Heart and Hands!

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