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Head, Heart, and Hands offers homeschool enrichment classes taught in nature.

Learning Pods


  • Kindergarten 

  • 1st Grade Main Lesson

  • 2nd Grade Main Lesson

  • 3rd Grade Main Lesson

  • 4th Grade Main Lesson

  • 5th & 6th Grade Main Lesson

  • Includes Handwork Enrichment & Nature Studies

Specialty Class Learning Pods 


  1. Yoga & Games

  2. Chess

  3. Ukulele: Music Exploration & Song Writing

  4. Nature Exploration

  5. Spanish

  6. Dance Alive!

  7. Archery

  8. Create Club

  9. Skateboarding

  10. Junior Farmers

  11. Jiu Jitsu

* Not all specialty classes are eligible for payment with charter funds

Semester dates:

1st day of 1st semester is 9/7/2022

1st day of 2nd semester is 1/10/2023

last day of 1st semester is 12/16/2022

last day of 2nd semester is 6/16/2023


Typical day for Kindergarten

Typical day for Ages 6-12

  • Welcome Drop Off between 8:30-9

  • Jump rope 8:50-9:10

  • Purposeful work 9:00-9:20

  • Circle 9:20-9:40

  • Snack 9:40-10

  • Nature walk 10-11:30

  • Artistic offering (drawing, beeswax modeling, craft, or handwork enrichment) with story 11:30-12:15

  • Farewell circle 12:15-12:30

  • Lunch & Recess 12:30-1:00

  • If student is not participating in Specialty Classes pick up is at 1:00

  • Welcome Drop off between 8:30-9

  • Main Lesson 9-10:30

  • Morning verse & meeting

  • Circle:

    • Seasonal songs with movement

    • Poetry, tongue twisters, mental language arts

    • Mental math with a bean bag, balls, and/or jump ropes

  • Flute or recorder

  • Recall of the previous day’s learning done in creative ways

  • Presentation of new content through storytelling

  • Bookwork guided by student interest

  • Snack & Recess 10:30-11:15

  • Language Arts, Math or Handwork Enrichment 11:15-12:30

  • Lunch & Recess 12:30-1:10

  • If a student is not participating in Specialty Classes pick up is at 1:00


​There will be three specialty classes operating at the same time. You and your child will choose which classes they would like to participate in. For example, your child could take: Nature Exploration and Spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Yoga on Wednesdays and Fridays.

There will be two semesters of specialty classes to give students the opportunity to switch mid-year and try something new.


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