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Now more than ever, people are reconsidering what type of education is best for their child. Many parents are dissatisfied with public and private schools and are seeking an alternative. Parents are looking for a place where their child can be together with their peers in a beautiful, calming space, with loving teachers who inspire their child to think deeply, treat all living things with kindness and respect, and work purposefully. Parents are longing to be a part of a supportive, like-minded community. Many parents are choosing to homeschool to best meet their child’s needs.

Homeschooling offers parents the freedom to give their child what they need when they need it. Homeschooling also gives families more freedom, yet can be challenging if parents and students feel isolated. Head, Heart, and Hands believes you do not have to do homeschooling alone, we are the community to support, inspire, and uplift your child and family!

Head, Heart, and Hands offers homeschool enrichment classes. It is a place where children can come together to participate in Waldorf, nature-immersion, project-based and self-directed educational experiences with loving, experienced, and passionate teachers. It is a space for like-minded families to gather and build connections. It is also a place for parents to come for educational workshops to gain knowledge, confidence, and community. There is a need for an environment for children to be free to play and learn together. This is that space.

Our enrichment classes are designed to support your child’s homeschooling journey, not replace it. Head, Heart, and Hands is not a private school. California homeschooling families are required to file either a private school affidavit or enroll in a public charter school. 


Our mission

Our goal is to offer your child an individualized educational experience that creates opportunities to find their talents and passions. We are dedicated to exciting and feeding their spirit by providing an innovative and organic learning environment that incorporates a blend of Waldorf education, project-based learning, self-directed learning, and nature immersion.


We believe students grow through collaboration with mixed-age peers. There is immense benefit from allowing children to learn together without the hierarchy of grades getting in the way. However, we also believe in the beauty and magic of play-based, Waldorf kindergarten, thus for morning classes, we will keep kindergarten separate from the grades age students.

Our programs will have a low student-teacher/guides ratio of 15 children to 1 adult. This will allow teachers/guides to give students individual attention and support. Our Kindergarten class will have a main teacher and an assistant.


Classes are taught outside, rain or shine, yet in the case of extreme weather, such as, flash flood warnings or thunder and lightning, class will be cancelled. 


Head, Heart, and Hands will grow by one grade each year with our students. In the 2021-2022 school year, we will serve children in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, and in the 2022-2023 school year, we will serve children in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. By the 2024-2025 school year, we will offer services to children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. 

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Our Location

Our classes are taught under the majestic canopies of mature oak and sycamore trees, near lemonade berry, coastal sage scrub, buckwheat, and cactus bushes with ripe prickly pears. We are lucky enough to meet in wild spaces in San Juan Capistrano. To ensure privacy, only Families registered for our classes will receive the specific location. You can email for more information. 

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