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First-Aid Certified


Your child’s health and safety is incredibly important to us. Our Main Lesson Teachers are certified in Wilderness First Aid through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Our teachers model and guide students to make healthy choices starting with the food we eat. ​



We know that fresh air disperses and dilutes the virus. It also helps to evaporate the liquid droplets in which it is carried.

On top of that, ultraviolet light from the sun should kill any virus that's out in the open.

We wash hands frequently and closely observe the health of our participants. We ask all participants to monitor the health of their family and stay home if someone in your family is ill or not feeling well. Along with the increased caution, we also adhere to the following protocols:

  • All classes maintain a small class size and are taught outside.

  • Each class has a hand washing station which is used regularly.

  • When hand washing is not an option, teachers carry wipes and non-toxic hand sanitizer. 

  • Our teachers have no contact thermometers to use when needed. 

  • We ask families to eat healthy food (especially vegetables!), drink water instead of juice or soda, get ample sleep, and consider taking immunity boosting vitamins/supplements.

  • Masks are optional for participants.

  • It is extremely important for our participants to see our teachers' expressions and hear their pronunciations clearly. We also believe it is important for our teachers to see our participants expressions and hear their pronunciations clearly! To help our children learn through modeling, build a strong relationship and connection to their teachers, and to instill a sense of confidence in nature, our teachers will not be wearing masks. Our teachers monitor their health closely.

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