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Meet Ms. nikki

Nikki Katz

Handwork Teacher


When I was a small girl I loved creating things with my hands. I would paint rocks, decorate acorns, and make blankets and clothing for my dolls and stuffed animals. I always felt like the natural world was an amazing basket of beautiful materials to create from. As a girl, I also witnessed my great-grandmother tatting, my paternal grandmother crocheting, my maternal grandmother sewing and playing piano, and my mother and aunt sewing and knitting everything from Halloween costumes to beautiful dresses and lovely quilts. It was always in my heart to work with my hands and turn the natural world into a beautiful expression of my own creativity. 

I went on to college and received a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design with a focus in Knitwear. I worked in the Fashion Industry for a bit including owning my own knitwear company. Once I had children my focus turned to fiber arts. I began creating beautiful wall hangings and designs for homes incorporating my love of fiber and natural materials. During this time my children began to attend a Waldorf Charter. 

I fell in love with the beauty that Waldorf brought to the children through handwork. I became an assistant in the handwork program for a couple of years. I also loved working with younger children and became an assistant in the outdoor kindergarten program.  Several families inquired if I would teach their home-schooled children handwork. I found this was a beautiful way to share my love of nature and handwork with children. I have since been receiving my WPAT (Waldorf Practical Art Training) certification so that I will be able to teach Soft Craft (such as knitting and crochet), as well as Woodworking.

One of my favorite Waldorf quotes during my teacher training is:

The purpose of craft is not so much to make beautiful things as it is to become beautiful inside while you are making those things.

I truly believe it is a gift to share my knowledge of handwork and love of nature with children and to inspire them to build this within themselves and carry it with them always.

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