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Meet Ms. Joelle

Joelle Evert

Kindergarten Assistant

​I grew up in the French part of Canada dividing my time between the city and an old cabin on a
lake that my family owned since I was a baby. I have my most precious childhood memories in
that special place. Time spent remotely and, in that forest, has taught me to keep busy in all
ways. I spent my time gardening, observing wildlife, hiking, learning plant and tree
identification, arts, survival skills and woodworking. My connection to the land is at the center
of everything I do. 

I went to college in Quebec and majored in languages with specialties in translation and history
of languages. I worked as a French tutor during my college years helping foreign students learn
the language and acclimate to the culture. Once I graduated, I moved to British Columbia to
work as a flight attendant. I flew around the world for 10 years, working hard at taming the
travel bug that had gotten into me. I then met my husband and had two wonderful children
who helped ground me and find my new path. I love to go on camping adventures, road trips
and discovering national parks with them. I’m happiest by the water under a thick canopy of
trees. When I’m not out in nature you can find me baking sourdough or tending to our garden
with the help of my children’s little hands.

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