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Ms. Jennifer

Jennifer Donovan

Games & Nature Exploration Guide 

I was raised in San Diego, an area where I was able to swim at the beach and hike in the
mountains all in the same day. As a child, we played with the neighborhood kids from when you
woke in the morning, until it became dark at night. There was freedom to learn, freedom to play
and freedom to be just who you were. Some of my fondest memories are being outside learning
how to jump rope, the rules to kickball, and working through conflict. I learned how to balance
and challenge my growing body by climbing trees and tackling the fierce ocean waves. I quickly
realized that being in nature, feeling the earth strongly beneath my feet, was where I was most
at peace.
My education journey took me on a typical path. I graduated from San Diego State University in
Business Management, accepting jobs where I was able to develop and manage teams and
product lines. After years in the Marketing field, I decided that it was time to follow my passion of
living life moving my body and being outside.

In 2005, I took a leap of faith and built a personal training company where I was able to share
with others my love of movement and excitement of learning about our physical abilities. I
supported people of all ages; children to grandparents; helping them see their true potential and
how strong their bodies and minds are. By deeply listening and connecting with each person, I
was able to develop routines that improved their overall health and fitness and quality of life.
The joy of running with a grandmother, who had never run before, train and prepare to finish her
first 5k, was a gift. Mentoring a children’s soccer team through strength and conditioning games,
teaching them how their bodies work, brought me such happiness. It made me realize that this
is the path I needed to continue on.

It was after I had my two children and was exposed to the Waldorf education, where I realized I
was able to connect my love for movement, the outdoors, and hold the space for my children to
learn freely. I found Earthroots Field School and participated in the Forest Kindergarten classes
with my children. I was initially a Mama who watched her children learn in nature, but soon
loved everything about the education and began helping assist in the class when needed.
During this time, I fine tuned my mentoring and teaching skills to support children learning in an
outdoor setting. I was a part of the Forest Kindergarten program for 5 years until we found
Head, Heart, Hands. I am grateful everyday to be able to support our children, their growing
bodies and mind, and help them achieve whatever is in their hearts.

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