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Meet Ms. Hortencia

Hortencia Cuevas-Yurick

Spanish Teacher

Hola!  Mi nombre es Hortencia Cuevas-Yurick. I am an everlasting learner and educator! As a native Spanish speaker, I enjoy sharing the love for my language and culture by singing, reading, and teaching my children Spanish.


My parents are originally from Mexico and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  I have many fond memories of my mother gardening and sharing stories about her childhood, caring for animals at the family farm that we still visit today, in rural Jalisco, Mexico.  My siblings and I grew up respecting the land and we were fortunate to spend endless time outdoors running through lemon, orange, and avocado groves in Ventura County, where many of our family members work as farmers. I have the most unforgettable memories picking blackberries and prickly pears with my grandmother on a hot summer day.


My appreciation of the Spanish language played a major role in my educational choices.  I majored in Latin American and Latino Studies with an emphasis in culture and politics and a minor in Education.  As a university student, I discovered that I truly enjoyed working with students of all ages and that I could change the world one student at a time, by encouraging students to make their dreams a reality.  Over the past 20 years I have worked with low-income, first-generation students and families paving the way to higher education.


My teaching philosophy stems from the belief that a good education shapes not only minds, but hearts as well.  Learning a different language and traditions, especially at a young age, encourages children to become adults that appreciate and respect cultures outside of their own. 

Spending time with my husband and two children, exploring nature, riding bicycles, skiing, cooking healthy food and traveling is what I most enjoy in life.  We love making memories together as a family because an adventure is always out there!

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