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Eric Vilchis


Eric is passionate and energetic about life and children. Eric was an avid boy scout for his entire
childhood and loves being outdoors, working with his hands, woodworking, and teaching. He worked in special education, preschool, and camp leadership for several years before pursuing a career in Operations in the United States Air Force for the past decade. He then entered the private sector in Orange County.

Eric has traveled with his family internationally by choice, on deployments to Saudi Arabia and Qatar on military orders, and spent a year living full-time in a travel trailer in Southern California with his family to focus on family connection, conscious that our time is the most valuable gift we can give our children.

As a natural leader, Eric is currently pursuing a degree in early childhood education and is committed to investing in the lives of children. Through his time as a parent at HHH, Eric has been entranced and inspired by Waldorf education. He attended the Waldorf training this summer with the rest of the HHH teachers. He looks forward to the opportunity to connect with families and parents to share his perspective, the power and magic of storytelling, and guide children with practical skills and

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