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Meet Ms. ChristinA

Christina Ciufo


Christina earned her BA in Fine Arts and Art Education K-12 from California State University at Long Beach. Having a love for children who are at risk she went on to teach incarcerated youth in Santa Ana, ages 7-17 and congruently balanced that experience teaching at the Emeritus University at Long Beach State where she taught college-level art classes to senior citizens who had chosen to continue their education.

After getting married, Christina lived off-grid in Washington for 5 years where her husband worked in the ski industry, and had 2 children. She then returned to teaching at an all-girls Orthodox Jewish high school where she led the AP Studio Art class with her infant strapped to her chest.


Following this experience, her husband accepted employment in Steamboat Springs, CO where the family settled and Christina helped form and lead a homeschool group of 63 families. The group had families from all backgrounds and was open to all educational beliefs including ages infant through high school. Personally, Christina has Waldorf homeschooled each of her 3 children, as the Waldorf pedagogy is woven into every aspect of her home and educational belief system. Parenting intentionally and fostering independence and decision-making skills in her children and students from a young age has enabled each of them to have confidence in themselves and trust in their choices. This period in her family’s life, as her children were allowed and encouraged to live and explore freely in the Rocky Mountains, was a very cherished time. In 2017, she and her family moved back to Southern California to be closer to extended family.

Her oldest daughter Matisse is now 22 and living on Oahu working for the City of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services. Christina’s 17-year-old daughter, Hazel Mae, is entering her senior year at OCSA in the Culinary Arts Conservatory. And finally, her youngest son Escher is entering his 6th-grade year here at HHH.

Christina is currently attending Waldorf Teacher Training at WISC San Diego to officially complete her Waldorf Teaching Certificate and attended the summer Waldorf training with the rest of the HHH teachers.

“Working with children is and has always been, truly my greatest honor and privilege. What a gift each child is to this earth. To walk beside, guide, and learn from them with open arms and a steadfast heart - to me nothing compares to this."

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