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Ashley Spiker


Ashley is a creative force of nature, inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth. Driven by her passion for art, science, and education, she seeks to inspire the next generation to be compassionate to each other and the environment.

Ashley has a degree in Communications with a Minor in Social Psychology from San Diego State University. She worked in luxury marketing for over 10 years when she had an existential crisis and left her job at Bentley and Maserati, to follow her passion for conservation, as an Education Volunteer at Aquarium of the Bay. She quickly got hired to be the Web & Graphic Design Coordinator, creating various marketing and educational materials to teach about ocean conservation. As an artist at heart, she was so pleased to finally be able to combine her talents with her passion for helping the environment. From then on, she was committed to only working with organizations that align with her core values, specializing in design work for environmental non-profits, helping to raise money for education and environmental protections. Most notably, Ashley designed for Greenpeace Oakland’s Annual Fundraising Gala for 4 years. She also created The Bay Institutes' 100+ page report used to lobby at Congress to change environmental legislation. Ashley even designed the logos and websites for Head Heart & Hands, as well as the Heartwood Foundation.

The emphasis on art and connection to nature is what initially drew Ashley to Waldorf education. Her son Morrison attended Journey's hybrid, outdoor, Kindergarten class with Miss Alyson. The hybrid model helped Ashley discover her excitement for teaching. Developing a homeschooling curriculum came naturally to her and became a great source of joy. However, when the pandemic hit and classes moved online, Ashley and her family decided to move to Indonesia so that her children could attend in-person classes at the Green School. Ashley's love for education deepened by living abroad. As a lifelong learner, she studied Latin in high school and World Religions in college, always finding ancient cultures to be fascinating. Living in Bali, she was inspired to study Hinduism, Buddhism, and Balinese culture, making it her mission to open her children's minds and hearts to different cultures and mythologies. All the while, Ashley maintained her connections to the Waldorf community at home and decided to move back to California once Head Heart & Hands was created.

This year, Ashley volunteered in the second-grade class at HHH to teach nature-based, weekly art lessons, integrating science, culture, and seasonal rhythms into the curriculum. Her experience teaching in the Willow’s class, along with her love for the Head Heart & Hands community, inspired her to pursue a career in education.  Her talents in art coupled with her passion for science, ancient cultures, and nature conservation make Ashley uniquely suited for a 5th-grade Waldorf-inspired curriculum.

Ashley’s goal is to weave science, history, language, and even math into art so that students find beauty, meaning, and connection via unforgettable educational experiences.

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