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Meet Kameron

Kameron Von der Ahe

Ceramics Teacher


A line is a dot that goes for a walk

- Paul Klee

This line speaks so much to my own art making and art teaching! I am a mixed media artist who loves to get my hands messy in color as I work and teach ceramics, marbled arts, fiber arts and natural dye. With over 13 years of teaching experience, my passion for instilling creative confidence continues to grow with each new season. My teaching theme is to allow each artist to find their own creative path through a project, guiding and inspiring them along the way so that the final work of art is all their very own and something they can stand confidently behind
saying 'I came up with this! I created this!'


When I am not running my own art shop; Creative Creatures & Co. I am creating, planting seeds and baking with my 3 adventurous kiddos.

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